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is CQ?

CQ = IQ + EQ

CQ: Communication QuotientTM is an ongoing method of connecting our Intelligence and Emotional Quotients for self development at work and in life.

For communication to be effective, powerful and sustainable, both our intellectual and emotional selves need to focus on understanding and expressing a piece of information, a problem, a desire. [ref]

This is achieved by suspending judgement, developing empathy and self awareness.

Without the ability to communicate effectively in the workplace, no team can negotiate, critically think, problem solve, or adapt to an ever changing world. [ref]

A Growing Communication And Culture Gap

The digital-first world or tomorrow is an environment in which highly specialized people will meet. People with complementary expertise, yes… but with disconnected ideas, language, jargon, motives and fears. This creates a need for teams to up-skill or re-skill into better communicators and critical thinkers to connect the dots.

Becoming The Bridge

CQ Originals is training you and your team to listen better, think sharper, be more agile, problem solve faster and communicate with more empathy. By improving soft skills you and/or your organization is unlocking a new level of efficiency, profitability, relevance and sustainability.

on the
street is…

50% [ref]

of all workers will need reskilling by 2022 (WEF). Problem = Opportunity

85 Million [ref]

person shortage in Technical and STEM Talent careers.

$8.5 TN [ref]

approximately in unrealized annual revenues by 2030 due to the global talent shortage.

70% [ref]

of employees by 2025 will be offered reskilling and upskilling opportunities by their employers.

The World
Economic Forum [ref]

reports that the following core skills are required:

Effective Communication
Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Interpersonal Relationships
Stress Management
Emotion Management

The Active Listening Course

Active Listening is the heart of Critical Thinking, Negotiation, Leadership, Communication Intelligence, Problem Solving.

Why do you need Active Listening?

Well to start,
not listening
is rude…

Active listening is when you listen with an intentional effort to understand the point of view of others, their motivations, thoughts and expectations while suspending any judgment.

“Good listeners are like trampolines. They are someone you can bounce ideas off of — and rather than absorbing your ideas and energy, they amplify, energize, and clarify your thinking.”

Harvard Business Review [ref]


Micro-Learning and Edutainment


Quizzes and Recaps


Gifs and animations


Videos and Storytelling

Micro- Learning, why?


Increase in confidence in overall knowledge when engaging with mini-series-style content.

99% [ref]

Of learners would recommend this type of learning to others.

50% [ref]

Higher engagement tracking result – perfect for rapid upskilling.

A Learning

To reskill and/or upskill
To stay relevant
To stay employable
To understand technical teams
To improve management style
To update your soft skills for the new workplace generation

Meets Entertainment

To Unwind
To Play
To Be Captivating
To Browse
To Feel
To Be Surprised


The content your audience and teams consume daily need to have a clear, relevant & relatable:

Point of View
Tone of Voice

If these needs are not met by learning programs, content will be discarded. [ref]

And It

BoxMedia uses their own training internally and have been measuring the results.

We see new employees go from not knowing how to lead a small internal meeting to leading a workshop within 2 weeks.


For every £1.00 we see a £16.00 return.


Our meetings are 40% shorter.

40 hours

For every hour we put in we see.


Our onboarding is 60% more efficient.

BoxMedia is an innovative and sustainable media, edtech and edutainment company that is redefining learning. We create award-winning digital products, content series and communications that combine art, science, technology, and creativity to help learners acquire the essential hard and so skills of today.

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BoxMedia Testimonials

“The amazing videos that put communication into perspective make this app a total must-have for all grad students and employees the world over”

“Wow. I am so impressed… I sincerely appreciate these videos. It’s easy to fall in love with this course when given practical, scientific applications!”

“BoxMedia’s content is as bingeable as a Netflix Series. They bring Humanity + Entertainment into learning. ”

Shelley Greenwald
Accenture Innovation

“If you can help people learn, unlearn, and relearn Calculus you can do it with any essential skill. Box has proven ability to create real learning and deliver at scale”

Milena Marinova
Pearson AI & Innovation