Hmm… It appears you are a

Competitive Listener

If your score was Competitive don’t be alarmed. Much of the population are competitive listeners. Sometimes we wish people would get to the point faster, and other times we are annoyed if we have to sit in a meeting when we already know the information, but we weren’t asked at the beginning of the meeting if we already knew the answer/information. And then there are the times we simply want to show we are the smartest in the room and/or simply want to be heard.

No matter the reason, there is a way to be more polite as a competitive listener is seen as abrasive, even rude as they are constantly interrupting. Rule of thumb is to know how to ask a question and show respect by following the etiquette options provided in many digital platforms today, such as raising the hand icon, or typing out a question in the chat section. And in an in-person meeting, it is possible always to raise a hand and phrase your question thoughtfully “Excuse me for interrupting, I didn’t realize this was about the XYZ situation, if I had known I would have provided you the whitepaper we did last Quarter. Would you like it now as I believe it’ll help expedite this discovery phase?” – The outcome of this situation is bound to be beneficial to all parties and this type of behavior is when you become an Active Listener. This is why it’s hugely beneficial to practice to be a consistent Active Listener. A Competitive Listener is always seen as a non team player, so no matter how justified you are for being annoyed it is in your control of what your actions are. If you choose the AL path, you will always be seen as not only intelligent, but also an accountable, reliable team player.