Hmm… It appears you are a

Passive Listener

This can be when you have nothing to add, and in this case it does not mean you are zoned out or submissive. It literally means you have nothing to add. In other situations it might mean you don’t feel confident to add anything and this is where you can look at why you aren’t feeling confident – is it because you don’t feel safe with the people, or because you didn’t come prepared or because you weren’t given the proper briefing? Regardless, when we are passive due to lack of confidence it is a chance to express this truth. “Hi. I’m not saying much as I really don’t feel confident speaking right now because I didn’t properly brief, so bear with me simply listening.” or “Hi. I wanted to let you know i didn’t speak up in that meeting as I found you/that person leading the meeting was being aggressive and I didn’t appreciate the manner.” To become a consistent Active Listener takes practice. The good news is there is a structure and model we can follow, therefore it is very possible to master.