Hmm… It appears you are a

Selective Listener

Don’t feel alarmed if this was your score, as it is for most of the population today. We either feel overwhelmed or we feel some bizarre need to pretend we are paying attention even though we are unable to at that moment due to a variety of reasons. Now, when we are being selective and demonstrating we actually aren’t listening, this is when we can easily make a change as it is rude to actually show we really aren’t interested or listening. None of us like it when someone does it to us, so believe me no one likes it. Have the courage to say “I do apologize, I have a crisis happening right now and need a few moments to deal with it. Do you mind?” or “I am sorry to interrupt. I really am not the person to be telling all this to, so I will excuse myself here.“ In short, state the truth as politely as possible. It is always much better than looking at your phone when someone else is speaking. To become a consistent Active Listener takes practice. The good news is there is a structure and model we can follow, therefore it is very possible to master.